On Tue, 3 May 2005 MHawkins@TULLIB.COM wrote:

> For some reason, most people look at their computer and think it is
> inherently safe in the world. But when they look at almost anything else
> they use or own, they intuitively see and know it is at risk at all times.

No, they don't.

> Car, house, boat, family, wine collection, iPod - they are all seen as being

Boats, planes, cars and iPods are generally "easy" to steal. Houses are
generally easy to get into. Very few people can live with strong security
controls, so they go with "good enough" until they get burned, then they
look for more in a reactive manner.

> at risk of being stolen, burned, crashed or otherwise meeting with some
> nefarious or accidental event.

Actually, the only reason we have high insurance adoption is the *lenders*
insist on it.

> Why do people think differently of their computers?

They don't. People don't think about security until they're in an
obviously insecure situation or anxiety gets to them. Thus, as security
professionals, our job is to both INCREASE and DECREASE their anxiety.

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