Good afternoon,

This is not strctly firewalls per se, but more security in general, and as I usually find the quality of responses on this list to be of value, I will
post it here.

I work for an organization of about 5000 employees, with 55 remote sites hooked into our central site (ie, all traffic chokes at our main site
and it's firewall.

We have NO wireless network, and until the security of it matures to a point where I am reasonably comfortable (or until I am told to deploy
one, more likely).

With all of the recent identity theft, and the fact that we would be a potential target for such activities, I am trying to see where our
vulnerabilities lie. In my searching, I pondered long and hard on rogue wireless APs and contractor/vendor laptops with wireless ebabled
becoming a potential vector.

While I scan our main building once a week with some wireless security tools, it is not feasible for me to contiuously drive around and scan all
of our sites. I know also that I could put some sort of wireless IDS/Honeypot type thing out at each site, this would be expensive, and right
now we are not flush with cash.

I have been pondering putting an 802.11 jammer on site at each location (again, we don't use wireless, so it should not impair anything) and
thought that might be a cheaper option.

Have any of you done something like this, and have any tips from your experiences with this sort of scenario.

Thanks all,


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