Dear (Cisco) guru,

Want to elimate every single point of failure for my
network topology. Planning to have firewall cluster
and switch redundancy

* Check Point - Unlimited x2 (SecurePlatform)
* ClusterXL
* Cisco 29XX switch x 4 (two upstream & two

1. How the network topology looks like?
2. Do we need a delegate/physical connection from each
firewall member/node to two upstream switches and two
downstream switches?
3. If so, how is it possible? Because Check Point is
running as router mode and it means each physical
ports will carry different segments and we have to set
up two different segments for each ports connecting to
two upstream switches and so do for the downstream
switches in order to do the "Cross" effect.
4. Do we need L4-7 Switch in order to do so?
as per the network diagram from Cisco

Any ideas will be appreciated.

thanks in advance,

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