Devdas Bhagat wrote:

> For networking equipment, a console server.
> For servers which support serial consoles, dialin modems *and* a spare
> NIC. If your system isn't booting up, the NIc isn't really useful.
> IP KVMs are useful for systems which don't support serial consoles.
> Keep this on a physically separate network if possible.

I have not done this in many years, but you are right on. The only
modification I would suggest is to use a terminal server device which
you can dial into via pots for access to the router consoles as _well_
as the consoles of machines which support a serial console device.

It's handy to be able to get to a console prompt or a unix tty and see
that the network isn't "working" because the border router is not
passing any bits.

I think one can still find DECServer 90's (see how long ...) on the used
market, or equivalent.


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