On 15/04/05 09:14 +0200, Shimon Silberschlag wrote:
> Hello Group,
> When designing an Internet Data Center, would you consider Out of Band
> management capability a mandotory requirement for the
> communications & security equipment only;
> everything installed including each and every server;
> an optional requirement (nice to have);

Mandatory. Definitely mandatory.

> If you do require it, what would be the suggested implementation - another
> NIC in each machine (even if that may require you to maintain a routing
> entry for the management net), KVM based or other methods? Would you run
> control protocols such as SNMP and backup products over this net?

For networking equipment, a console server.
For servers which support serial consoles, dialin modems *and* a spare
NIC. If your system isn't booting up, the NIc isn't really useful.
IP KVMs are useful for systems which don't support serial consoles.

Keep this on a physically separate network if possible.

Devdas Bhagat
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