Yeah the solution has to be high cost to the *prospective* attacker--and =
it has to be well-known so that the attacker won't even bother to try =
cutting off different fingers to see which one might work (with the =
aquarium heater attached).
What about that car in the story? Is the stolen car sold with the =
finger attached to the key ring? (Sorry. Well, a little sorry.) If =
they're going to dismember the car for parts then none of this =
I guess the easy solution is to drive a car like Mr. Mumford's and not =
carrying that fancy laptop.


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On Sat, 9 Apr 2005, Foley, Denys wrote:

> The newer better-fingerprint readers also make sure that the finger is
> alive and warm - still attached to its original host. Check the specs
> !!!!

1. That doesn't matter if the attacker thinks they can get around it, =
cost to the attacker is relatively low, the cost to the defender
relatively high.

2. Small source of heat (i.e. aquarium heater,) mini-headphones and a
playback device. Low cost to the attacker.

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