On Sun, 10 Apr 2005, Michael J. Tubby B.Sc. (Hons) wrote:

> Just goes to show that finger print recognition, or *any* Biometrics
> on their own, are insuffufficient.

No, it goes to show that we don't think through the failure modes of new
technologies sufficiently prior to implementing them.

> A _proper_ security system needs to be based on:
> a) something that you own
> b) something that you know

No, that's a best-try scenario. A proper security system is based upon
who you are, what your state of mind is, and what you need access to.
It's just relatively expensive to implement.

> However if they had needed a token plus the next PIN from a sequence
> (or part of a challenge/response) then they would have needed him,
> alive, and always _with_ the vehicle.... this would make stealing the
> pointless.

No, they would have needed the token and the PIN, still no requirement for
the live driver.

> Equally, if the biometrics could have asked for any finger, toe, retina
> scan the theives would have had more trouble...

I don't think a wrist is that much more trouble than a finger to a
machette. Once again, the cost to the victim is much higher when the
attacker believes they can force the authentication by taking the
authenticator, and the authenticator is costly or irreplaceable.

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