MHawkins@TULLIB.COM wrote:
>What is the value of hardware token with burned in PIN as compared to
>username password (when the password policy is forced strong)?

A physical device has the valuable property that it cannot be
stolen twice. I can steal your password and you still have it.
If I steal your token, you know it's gone - unless I steal it using
much more complicated techniques that involve me sending an
undercover agent to your location. This is a particularly valuable
property for network devices and systems because we don't yet
know how to steal a physical device over SSH.

I suppose the closest that'd come would be a social engineering
attack along the lines of:
"Dear -
We need to change the batteries in your authentication token,
as part of annual maintenance. Please mail it in the included
business reply envelope within the next 30 days if you wish to have
continued access. Include a $20 bill for the battery replacement service
and disposal of the old batteries. There will be a $100 late fee if you
take longer than 30 days to return your authentication token for
Thank you,
The Security Department,"

And my guess is 10% of your average users would fall for it.


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