Hi people,

Here's something I've been wondering for some time now.

What is the value of hardware token with burned in PIN as compared to
username password (when the password policy is forced strong)?

We enforce strong password policy in our organization. So when a user logs
into the VPN, I am reasonably confident of the validity of the
authentication mechanism. The only problem is if a user writes down their
password and keeps it with the laptop or PC. Even then, I am confident that
XX days later, the password will be different to what they wrote down (ok
they will just write the new one down).

I fail to see the benefit of using hardware tokens that rely on a one time
set PIN number (which seems to be all of them). The one time PIN burned into
most USB tokens is almost guaranteed to be written down by dumb users
(unfortunately of which there are many) and so the end result is that the
USB token, the PIN and the laptop are all in a nice handy easy to steal

I have searched long and hard for a token that can use a username password
combination along with the PIN but to no avail.

Why are so many organizations intent on using hardware/software tokens? What
am I missing here?

What solutions are out there that do not use a PIN but use some
username/password combination along with the hardware/software token?

Mike Hawkins

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