Chris Bills wrote:

> ideally, we would like to implement a system in which the user will
> connect to un-encrypted wireless, but any attempts to get out will be
> redirected to the authentication page. Once the user logs in, they
> will be given the WEP key of the day, and then they will have
> unrestricted access.

WEP is not secure. WEP keys can be broken in as little as minutes,
given sufficient traffic volume. Use WPA or WPA2.

> I'm investigating the usage of Linksys WRT45G routers, with a modified
> firmware, but I have no actual experience with this.


The "stock" WRT54G firmware can do WPA-RADIUS, IIRC. I believe this is
what you want. WPA-PSK would be a PITA in your environment.
Particularly if you'll have more than one AP.

> If you have any suggestions for hardware, or existing documentation
> floating on the net about how to achieve this sort of setup, please
> let me know.

Here's a previous firewall-wizards reply:

Here's a link to the LinkSys WRT54G product page, whence you can fetch
the user's manual:

At home I'm using a WRT54G with WPA-PSK. At work the experimental
wireless network is using a NetGear FWAG114 with WPA-PSK. I'll be
converting the home WLAN to WPA-RADIUS in preparation for doing the
same at work.

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