On Tue, Feb 22, 2005 at 04:51:33PM +0300, ArkanoiD spoke thusly:

>I'd yet to see a company where CEO is not allowed to get his yahoo mail

I did it at my old office. I blackholed the entire network of @yahoo &
@hotmail. Told management that our uplink provider was having some DNS
propagation issues, and after some time of not gaining access- they never
bothered me again :-)

I also asked very politely whether there was something wrong with our
existing internal mail service? I offered to go through logs to see whether
any of their emails were pending/deferred, the reasoning, possibly
reflushing it etc. Its the roundabout way of telling them- gimme a reason
to let you pissfart around! [1]

[1] I did it more to stop my normal users, but I didn't want to create
exceptions in my proxy for necktie personnel.
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