At my university, the computer science department would like to offer
wireless access to computer science students, but would like the
access to not be anonymous. Current problems with unrestricted access
to the internet are obvious, anonymous kids downloading porn, movies,
mp3s, etc, and as the university allowed this to happen, they could be
held liable.

enforcing a logon policy would help limit the university's liability
in said situations.

ideally, we would like to implement a system in which the user will
connect to un-encrypted wireless, but any attempts to get out will be
redirected to the authentication page. Once the user logs in, they
will be given the WEP key of the day, and then they will have
unrestricted access.

I'm investigating the usage of Linksys WRT45G routers, with a modified
firmware, but I have no actual experience with this. I would like to
look into other methods of doing this, as well, such as Perfigo (which
has now been acquired by Cisco)...

If you have any suggestions for hardware, or existing documentation
floating on the net about how to achieve this sort of setup, please
let me know.

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