Hi. I am not a recruiter, but I am one of senior software engineers in
a major fabless semiconductor company in California. We currently have
many openings for both embedded software and hardware engineers (RF or
board-level). It's kind of hard to find a good embedded systems
engineers, and
our recruiters are not that great , so I'll try my luck to post in
this embedded linux newsgroup directly. If you are interested to make
move or actively looking right now, please contact me. I can generate
an interview if you're qualified. Location is in northern or southern
cal (OC/SD). I've been working here for a long time and it's a great
company and culture (+good compensation package, of course
Exciting products -- wireless related.

Let me know soon and sorry in advance if this post is inappropriate to
anyone here.

Email me directly and I'll tell you more. mny.mgr @ gmail.com