We would like feedback from real programmers on a new scripting language
for making web-pages using Lua.

You may also find BarracudaDrive, a free server, useful if you install
it on your home computer. The server targets home users and comes with
many features that are useful for remote PC management. BarracudaDrive
is free for PC, Mac, and Linux.

We call the PHP like scripting language for Lua Server Pages, or LSP for

We would like *feedback* on what you think about using LSP and/or Lua
in a device.

If you are using embedded Java, did you consider using a scripting
language, such as Lua?

LSP introduction:

The free LSP enabled server:


On top of all of the great reason why Lua is good non-embedded, it has a
straightforward license for embedding, few dependencies, unobtrusive
API, a small binary footprint, and very readable/modifiable source code.

The Lua core depends lightly on the ANSI C runtime library. It requires
only a few simple runtime library functions and basic C standard library

Another feature that is nice for embedded applications that have limited
memory is that the larger parts of the Lua core (lexer, parser, and code
generator) can be very easily removed, and still leave a fully
functional Lua, which of course can only run precompiled programs.

Let us know if you know about any small Linux type off-the-shelf boards
that you would like to run BarracudaDrive on.