Hello everyone,
I i start my apologising if i have the wrong group, this seemed a good
place to start.
I am attempting to run uclinux on a coldfire 5271 based board. Most of
my experience with
coldfire processors has been bare board apps.
I have adjusted the source to match the memory map of the board and gdb
loads the code in
fine. However im a little unsure as to where to go next. Looking at the
first few lines im a little
Would i be right in assuming these lines at assigning the address of
the VBR base register.

move.l #VBR_BASE, %a7 /* Note VBR can't be read */
movec %a7, %VBR

Looking at how VBR_BASE is defined
#define VBR_BASE MEM_BASE /* Vector address */

I assume the above lines of code when combined with this define set the
exception vector table
at the start of ram? If so then i dont understand where it is as the
code sitting at the start of ram is
the _stext section and appears to be crt0_ram.S

Any ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated. For reference i am
trying to compile the 2.4 kernel.

Best regards, Guy