Hi everyone,
So, I've got an idea for an embedded linux box (who doesn't?) but I'm
a complete novice when it comes to embedded anything. I'm a programmer/
linux-in-general kind-of-guy though.

So, I want to develop a linux based wifi router to sell to the general
public. Since this is such a common product, and since I've got no
experience working with embedded linux, I was hoping that there would
be a pre-made board somewhere out there for me that I could just slide
into my own pretty case, add my own programming and be away. Does
anyone know if this is the case? Or will I have to go through all the
hardware design myself? It's just going to be a router, so I figure I
need hardware with a smiliar spec to the LinkSys WRT54G.

I'm also looking for some sort of costs to see if this idea is
feasible. LinkSys sell their router for about $50 . How much would it
cost be for to build a similar type of thing?

Thanks for any help you've got.