Is anyone familiar with running Linux (Redhat Fedora Core 1, kernel 2.4.31)
on a Motorola (formerly Force) ATCA 717 host board? I have four PMC slots,
one being used (successfully) by a SVGA video card, and the others being
testing with various Fast / Gigabit Ethernet (Intel chip based) and ATM
adapters. None of these networking adapters... work!

The hardware initializes, I see some incoming and all expected outgoing
packets in the "netstat -i" and /proc/net/atm/* statistics, but IP-based
applications never see their data. I check the /proc/interrupts and see NO
interrupts for these cards. The video card and the USB mouse have to share
interrupts with some of the cards, but not all of them.

Outside systems don't see any data coming from the ethernet adapters, but I
haven't had a chance to test the outgoing side of the ATM adapters yet.

ALL the adapters are previously successful with other systems with the same
drivers, kernel level, and applications. Also, I upgraded the kernel from
2.4.22 to this one because I was having the same problem with the previous
kernel. Anyone have any advice here? Many thanks in advance!

Bill Smith