I picked up an ipaq at a garage sale. Has opie 1.0.2 on it.

First order of business was to determine which ipaq.
I'm guessing it's the 3760 because it has the standard i in iPAQ
instead of the larger stylized i on the other versions...but this may
not be a reliable indicator. People aren't too picky about which
pictures they put on their webpages. HP doesn't even attempt to give
you an actual picture. Opie claims it has 64MB of total memory.
16mb of "internal storage/dev/root"
and 32MB "internal memory".
I'm used to terms like flash and ram. I don't understand what Opie is
telling me and how I can use that info to verify which iPAQ model it is.
Correct identification will be critical when I give up on Opie
and want to flash it back to an iPAQ.

Haven't been able to find a downloadable user manual for Opie.
Most of the commands I've tried are either not implemented or just
missing. Need to learn what is expected to work and how to make it work.

Ok, so what can I do with it? I have the CF sleeve, but no sync cable.

I have a Symbol LA4137 CF wifi card, but that does nothing either.
There's an entry in the packages list for a Spectrum24 card, but how
do I install it? Thought I might be able to figure out how to download
it to a CF card and install it from there. But most of the google hits
are 6 years old and full of broken links.

Plugging in a CF card gets me nowhere. There's a checkbox in the
launcher setup for "cardmon", but that doesn't seem to do anything.
I'm guessing that would mount the cf card???

I seem to be roadblocked getting wifi installed so I can get more
stuff installed.
Oh, the battery is dead, so whatever I install has to go into non-volatile
memory. Battery costs more than a whole new(used) pda of more recent
vintage...so that ain't gonna happen. I oughta be able to learn a bunch
on AC power.

Thanks, mike
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