Hi all

I just want to tell you that I have written a few scripts for installing
slackware on a CompactFlash disk for embedded systems. It should be very
generic, so it should be possible to use it in a lot of different projects.

It builds a ramdisk with all the files that should be writable, and
everything on the CF disk is write protected. In this way the disk is never
changed, and therefore the system should always be able to boot, and flash
issues regarding its lifetime is neglected.

SlackEmbedded can for example be used in products like these:

* Network routers
* Information monitors
* Entertainment machines
* Anything where a "Linux box" is a possibility

If you are interrested, you can read more (and download) on my (very
primitive) website:


Any comments are more than welcome!

Best regards

Tue Henriksen