Hai friends
I am writing a Linux device driver for Diamond systems
IR104 digital IO card. This is a PC104 bus device(that means it ISA
bus compatible).
The Platform is Arcom Viper borad(with support for PC104), This is a
Xscale, Little endian Platform.

The Specification of PC104 given in Viper borad manual is:
0x3C000000-0x3CFFFFFF PC/104 memory space(16MB)
0x30000000-0x300003FF PC/104 IO space(1KB)

Specification given in IR104 manual is:
I made the jumber setting so that, the IO space addresses taken by 8
registers will be 0x300-0x307

The driver should do read and write on this registers(character device

I took two approaches one is:
i added IO space and 0x300, did inb() and oub().(IO space base address
and 0x300)
otherway i did ioremap on added result, did inb() and oub().
both are giving errors, i think that is related to paging. i think
there is a need for disabling paging in this space.

In the second method:
I did same procedures using IO memory space

Please help regarding this. How to solve this.

Nobin Mathew