Anyone has used inittar with newer 2.6 kernel, such as 2.6.18?

My system was developed with 2.4.25. To use the rootfs.gz, a patch
inittar has been applied the kernel to deal with the compressed

I want to move my system to 2.6 kernel, and am using 2.6.18. But I can
not found the inittar patch for it. The newest one in the web I can
found is for 2.6.10. After manually ported that change to my 2.6.18
system, I
can mount the rootfs, but have some problem with the dev/console. I
"Warning: unable to open an initial console.", and the return value
from sys_open /dev/console is -6 (not exist). I am not sure if the
inittar change broke something. The rootfs.gz has both /dev/console
and /dev/ttyS0. And the 2.16.10 inittar patch has some devfs
which does not exist in 2.6.18.

Has the inittar be put into the newer kernel mainline? I found in the
there is a term call CONFIG_CRAMFS, and it looks to deal with
compressed rootfs.
After enabled it with the standard 2.6.28 kernel, I got the following

No filesystem could mount root, tried: reiserfs ext3 ext2 cramfs vfat
Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-

Here is the kernel command line:
ro panic=5 console=ttyS0,9600 endbase=0xA0000 root=/dev/ram0
ramdisk_size=65536 initrd=/rootfs.gz