Hello all,
this is a question about GPIO, but I believe it is also more general.

I'm using an embedded Xilinx card (PPC processor), which I cross compile for
from a Linux PC.

I would like to make use of the GPIO lines in a usermode program (or is that
wrong and I need to use a kernel module ?!?)

$ grep GPIO .config

$ cat include/linux/gpio.h
.... empty statements ...

So I guess it means I must use what's in:
$ ls drivers/char/xilinx_gpio/
adapter.c adapter.o built-in.o Makefile modules.order xgpio.c xgpio.h
xgpio_ioctl.h xgpio_l.h xgpio.o xilinx_gpio.o

Now I'm no kernel expert and I'm not sure what's the correct way to include
and link against this xgpio.h/o ? Do I need to explicitely give gcc
the -Ifullpath or is there some compilation trick I don't know about ?
Guillaume Dargaud