Dear all;

The LSM/RMLL '08 meeting (Libre Software Meeting - Rencontres Mondiales
du Logiciel Libre) is organized at Mont de Marsan, FRANCE during the 1st
to 5th july 2008.

The embedded systems are increasingly present in our life. The embedded
system community usually used commercial software solutions with
royalties to reverse each time a system is sold. Since few years, a
reversal of tendency has appeared with the use of free software for
embedded systems. That is made possible by the adaptation of the Linux
kernel to the constraints of a typical embedded system (no MMU, small
memory footprint, filesystem in FLASH memory...) and its port on various
types of processors. The purpose of this session is to give the state of
the art of free software for embedded systems.

Like last year, a special Embedded Session is schedulded on free
software for Embedded Systems in the main System theme.

You are welcome to participate.
You'll find informations here and especially here:

If you are interested to participate, you may simply email me the title
of your presentation with an abstract. The dead line for submission is
fixed to 15th june 2008.

Sincerely Yours;

Patrice Kadionik. F6KQH / F4CUQ

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