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> On Sep 24, 1:36 pm, Wei Wang wrote:
> > Any reference materials, or step-by-step procedures?

> This is a very open ended question. At a very basic level, you need to
> configure an arm tool chain, and then use it to compile a kernel. This
> is a collection of utilities including binutils, gcc and glibc (or
> other c library). This page sums it up well,http://www.schnozzle.org/~coldwell/toolchain/
> .
> There are alot of resources out there. For developing for ARM with
> uclibc, chceckouthttp://buildroot.uclibc.org. Another project, which
> is similar to buildroot, is OpenEmbedded. OpenEmbedded provides a
> quite comprehensive system that will build your kernel, packages, put
> together a rootfs and even configure a bootloader. That would be athttp://www.openembedded.org/.
> A bootloader that works on ARM systems is U Boot, which is athttp://www.denx.de/wiki/DULG/WebHome. Also on that site is the
> Embedded Linux Development Kit, another develoment system that can
> work with ARM targets.
> A great book that covers development and deployment of embedded linux
> systems, including ARM targets, is Building Embedded Linux Systems by
> Karim Yaghmour.
> Good Luck!

Many thanks,Yaghmour's book is quite useful and it is a good resource
to frequently refer to. -Wei