At 17:38 +0100 12/19/06, Roy Arends wrote:

>You want to be sure the NSEC record is from the correct zone, lets say
>"from the zone that has the authority to make that claim", and not from an
>ancestor zone.

The only time the bit map will give a hint whether the NSEC is right
or not is when it is parent/child involved, when the owner name is
the same between two NSEC choices.

It's possible that an NSEC owned by an ancestor label will not have
any delegation information. - A AAAA NSEC DNSKEY RRSIG - SOA NS NSEC DNSKEY RRSIG or NS DS NSEC DNSKEY RRSIG - TXT - same as foo-bar-...
com - ditto
.. - just the second half of the above

Come to think of it, none of the ancestor NSECs would cover the last
anyway - all of the next names would be at or before the next name

>I was ranting against the use of the word 'parent' instead of ancestor.
>that is all.

In this case, it would seem that parent is more accurate than ancestor.

Also, keep in mind that the NSEC has to be signed by it's zone - that
ought to give away the authority of the NSEC. The only reason the
bitmap comes up is if you want to avoid having to look at the RRSIG.
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