Hallam-Baker, Phillip wrote:

> AS I have been saying for over a decade security is risk
> management, not risk elimination.

I fully agree with you that there ain't no such thing as
cryptographical security.

> The point you make is not new, Bruce Scheneir made it together with
> Carl Ellison in a paper some years back. He was wrong then and
> Secrets and Lies is essentially explaining why.


You failed to deny my point that DNSSEC and plain DNS are equally secure.

> Most cases of administrative incompetence will result in a complete
> loss of service. DNSSEC does not add a significant number of new
> ways to screw up and the remedy is exactly the same.

Complex protocols are more complex to implement and operate and,
thus, insecure.

For example, it is a lot more likely that DNSSEC software has
buffer overflow valunerability than plain DNS software.

> The cases where administrative incompetence leads to a security
> breach are not as likely as direct attack and in any case very
> difficult to exploit successfully without inside knowledge that
> allows for more powerful attacks.

I'm not sure what you mean "direct attack" but I understand that
you failed to make a point on the merits of deploying DNSSEC.

Masataka Ohta

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