At 17:35 +0200 12/6/06, Pekka Savola wrote:
>I think I'll be quiet after this post...

I am not trying to be antagonistic. If someone wanted to digitally
remaster the DNS specifications I would applaud the effort. What I
am writing are the reasons why I don't think any effort to do produce
a remastered copy will run to a successful (having a new spec)

Either we are going to find that there are funds to pay someone or
some small group for the effort to do this or we are going to find a
person (or group) who would rather pursue this at the cost of their
own otherwise free time or this won't happen. Such is the nature of
volunteer efforts.

There is evidence of demand for this work. But that hasn't
translated into action. If someone can drum up support to do this,
great, I would not stand in the way.
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