> From: Alex Bligh [mailto:alex@alex.org.uk]=20

> I'm not sure whether this is the same point Phil is making,=20
> but inc ase not, it seems to me the RoI argument is like=20
> expecting positive RoI on the deployment of the first=20
> telephone.=20

Part of it.

There is a chicken and egg problem in every one of these network effect =
marketting type schemes. So to create critical mass you need to have a =
strategy that does not depend on the network effect.

DKIM has a unilateral deployment advantage albeit a weak one. DKIM + =
Secure Letterhead has a much stronger deployment advantage.

The point here is to design for deployment and in particular to work to =
co-opt the participation of major infrastructure providers, major =
platform providers.

Absolutely nobody has made the claim that NSEC3 is too complex to be =
deployed. Multiple registries have stated that they cannot deploy =
without NSEC3. This is the only group I know where this would still be =
under discussion.

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