Wouter Wijngaards wrote:

> Issue [4.2]:
> Since the x is not CNAME'd itself, queries for the DNAME apex RRs are
> answered with data at x not at y. The reason for the original
> decision was that in this way (without DNAME apex affected) one can
> have a DNAME at the zone apex, next to the SOA, NS records, without
> problem. And use this to point zones under your operational control
> to other zones. Hosting two identical zones for example. Another
> reason for excluding the DNAME apex from the DNAME is that one can
> then query for the DNAME through RFC 1034 [RFC1034] caches.
> So, for x DNAME y; the x itself is not redirected which is nice below a
> zone cut, but not if the DNAME resides above a zone cut.

this is a feature of DNAME that cannot be changed IMHO. The only change
to the text I'd suggest is s/DNAME apex/DNAME owner/g;


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