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> In other words, a DNSSEC signature algorithm present at an island
> of security is recursively mandated (except for temporary
> mismatches in DNS consistency) to secure child zones.

No that is a wrong interpretation. The catch is in the "by each
algorithm appearing in the DS RRset " part. So the algorithm field in
the DS can point to "new" algorithms and you are not tied to one
single algorithm recursively down the tree.

As an example consider this:

@origin example.
example DNSKEY algo=RSASHA1 KSK id=1
example DNSKEY algo=RSASHA1 ZSK id=2
example RRSIG id=2

foo.example. DS algo=CRYPTSAM hash=deadbeef
foo.example. RRSIG id=1

@originin foo.example
foo.example DNSKEY algo=CRYPTSAM KSK id=5
foo.example DNSKEY algo=CRYPTSAM ZSK id=6
foo.example RRSIG id=6

etc etc


Olaf M. Kolkman
NLnet Labs

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