On Thu, Feb 16, 2006 at 03:50:18PM -0800,
Stuart Cheshire wrote
a message of 31 lines which said:

> I welcome the prospect of working constructively with Bernard and
> other interested parties to improve
> draft-cheshire-dnsext-multicastdns.txt.

The SPF (Sender Policy Framework, for email authentication) people
were always turned down by the IETF when trying to push their protocol
as a RFC, with the reasoning that IETF is not here to "rubber stamp"
any external proprietary protocol, even widely deployed.

> the chance to improve and enhance the protocol currently being used
> on tens of millions of deployed devices, rather than architecting a
> competing document which may well have gone nowhere.

Is there somewhere IETF guidance about this issue? Basically, you
suggest that Apple's protocol should be approved by IETF, just because
of prior deployment, which may encourage other people to deploy first
(and think later), in the hope of using the same argument.

In working groups like MARID, there has been a lot of discussion about
the strength of the "prior deployment" argument but I do not remember
a clear conclusion.

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