>Is there somewhere IETF guidance about this issue? Basically, you
>suggest that Apple's protocol should be approved by IETF, just because
>of prior deployment, which may encourage other people to deploy first
>(and think later), in the hope of using the same argument.

I think you misunderstood me.

I was not asking or expecting the IETF to "rubber stamp" anything.

My point was that if there are people who sincerely believe that
our mDNS protocol is doing harm on the network, then working
together to remedy those deficiencies is the path most likely to
achieve the desired result. Issuing a competing RFC in the hope
that it would displace the established protocol "in the wild"
really had about as much chance of succeeding as government-
endorsed OSI had of displacing TCP/IP in the 1990s. Too many
products today already depend on mDNS. If you have a network
printer on your network then you probably already have mDNS on your
network, whether you know it or not -- you can check for yourself by
downloading Bonjour for Windows from

Stuart Cheshire
* Wizard Without Portfolio, Apple Computer, Inc.
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