Stephane Bortzmeyer writes:

> On Thu, Feb 16, 2006 at 06:26:56PM -0500,
> Ólafur Guđmundsson wrote
> a message of 52 lines which said:
>> We would also like to working group for support to work on DNS and
>> naming API interfaces, such as are in RFC 3493-bis ,in the light of
>> DNSSEC, ldap, mdns and llmnr.

> Is there a kind soul which can provide a list of pointers to API
> proposals? I find no 3493-bis anywhere and no actual proposals, just
> vague ideas about how to extend getaddrinfo().

For IDN, I have proposed an extension for getaddrinfo:

That is widely deployed today, and may be on the path towards POSIX

There are other C APIs for generic DNS lookups, compare BINDv9's
getrrsetbyname. It doesn't provide asynchronous operations, though,
as far as I know, so it has limited applicability.

I'm not sure IETF is the best place to standardize any of this though.
It doesn't seem to be within this WG's charter. I'd rather see other
documents get done (like NSEC3) before this WG take on additional
work. If the WG isn't reviewing its own work items, it doesn't seem
like it should take on even more stuff.


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