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> Perhaps it is not an ideal situation that a requirements document
> is authored by the promoter of an alternative in the solution space.
> In this perspective, you are kindly invited to bring forward a
> better set of TAK requirement statements, and/or suggestions to
> improve the above one.

Dear Thierry,

Thanks for your contribution but I would prefer if we could leave
this document shelved just a little while.

We have assigned editors to produce a requirement document for the
working group and I am still confident that they will deliver, albeit
the delay. At this moment we as a working group should not raise the
amount of entropy by having multiple requirement documents floating
around. On the other hand I see that you, and others (myself
included) are anxious to see output.

I propose that we wait for the assigned editors to produce. If the
editors fail to produce before the cutt-off we will have to use your
document as the basis for further discussion. I am not saying that
your contribution is out of scope for this group, by no means. But
I'd prefer if we could focus on just one document, that of the
volunteer editors.

I share frustration about the speed of this process and except for
the Vixie Beer Fund there are very few ways we can force/motivate
people to do work. On the other hand I do think a good set of
requirements is important so that we can then continue with selection
of the appropriate technology. Those technologies all seem pretty


Olaf M. Kolkman
NLnet Labs

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