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On Feb 4, 2006, at 2:37 AM, Paul Vixie wrote:

> 1034/1035 does not anywhere say this, but it's the implication of
> the other
> "intent of the framers" clarifications we've made to 1034/1035
> during the
> DNSSEC development era. But if we were going to write another
> clarification
> document on this point,

I read your mail as a request for such clarification document.

> I'd rather we just said "nameservers that offer both
> authority and recursive service are undefined, please just don't do
> it" than
> to try to describe how many RD bits should be dancing on the head
> of this pin.

I guess that once others agree you have to add boilerplate text to
your mail and submit as an I-D.

Do others think this clarification is needed and useful and that the
proposed "solution" is appropriate?

Without my hats I'd answer yes to both questions. Documentation and
education on the cornercases will help developers and operators.


Olaf M. Kolkman
NLnet Labs

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