Included below is a summary list of the open issues in this package of


1. Which DHCID RR encoding does an IPv4 client/server use (Brian
Carpenter; Bernie has submitted text to resolve the issue)
2. Editorial comment on resolution doc section 6.3.2 and AAAA records
(Ted Hardie)
3. s/byte/octet/g (Scott Hollenbeck)
4. Use example. or in examples (Scott Hollenbeck)
5. s/signature/hash value/g (Russ Housley)
6. In the resolution doc "security considerations" s/where or/whether
or/ (Jon Peterson)
7. Add an 8-bit algorithm identifier to the DHCID RR to
support algorithm agility (Allison Mankin)
8. Use of MD5 as opposed to a stronger hash function (Sam Hartman,
Russ Housley)
9. Hash agility (Sam Hartman, Allison Mankin)
10. Russ's comment that an attacker that has some knowledge of MAC
addresses does not need to do lot of work. I think this can be
addressed in security considerations by saying this is not privacy
but just obfuscation (Russ Housley)
11. UTF-8 character set usage (Harald Alvestrand, gen-art)

Issues 1-6 are strictly editorial and the document editors will revise the
documents to resolve those issues in the next revision.

Issues 7-10 are all related to the hash algorithm specified in the documents
and the requirements for algorithm agility. We will resolve those issues
through an e-mail discussion to follow.

Issue 11 needs some clarification; Harald, I hope you'll kick off a separate
thread to discuss how to resolve this issue.

- Ralph, for Olafur, Stig and Olaf

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