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On Nov 21, 2005, at 15:59 , Edward Lewis wrote:
> Given that it seems to me that the current state of the IESG is to
> take any remotely DNS related document and pass it by the DNS
> working groups. In some cases, if the working groups decide to not
> take the topic up, my assumption is that the IESG will refuse to
> pass the document.

I zoom in on "pass it by":

If documents that are outside of our charter need review then the
IESG, or the relevant working groups will seek to get that review,
or in other words "pass it by" for review. Personally I commit to
provide this sort of review (so now and then) and I sincerely hope
that there are more persons that are willing to make this sort of

We are now talking about review of DNSEXT working group documents.
That is where we have our specific responsibility.



Olaf M. Kolkman
NLnet Labs

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