Paul Vixie wrote:
>>>So an NSEC3 nameserver will have to explicitly prove the non-existence
>>>of an NS record at each label up to the closest non-empty encloser by
>>>returning the appropriate NSEC3 record of each parent label.

>>No, because there should be no records below the NS record in the parent
>>zone, so if there is an NS, it will be at the closest encloser. The same
>>argument applies to NSEC, as far as I can see.

> i don't think this holds. the parent can contain in-child glue, which
> will never appear in answer sections. this is how zones are "reachable"
> even if all nameservers are in-zone or below-zone. that means
> net NS
> A i.p.v.4

Glue records are not authoritative, so they don't appear in NSEC(3)s.



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