--On 17 August 2004 23:09 +0000 Paul Vixie wrote:

> the current spec will absolutely be deployed. (the wg already advanced
> it, and i know of enough deployment-related efforts to be confident that
> dnssec-bis as more-or-less currently specified will see rubber meet road.)
> working to solve zone enumeration in a subsequent spec and then migrating
> from dnssec-bis to that spec is a workable approach. and for all my rants
> about the non-utility of the approach, i know that isc is committed to
> implementing whatever the community decides upon, even if it's something
> i'd previously ranted against on a personal level.

Agree & your final sentence is appreciated.

> i'm not sure why this debate is even occurring. everything's been
> decided.

I think because every time someone tries to gather requirements to address
the enumerability problem, the question of whether or not it needs to be
addressed at all gets brought up. I think straight answer is "it is a
requirement for a significant community, and not for others". I suspect we
are never going to get consensus on whether or not it should be a
requirement, and we will generate heat but not light from further
discussion. If it is sufficiently significant, IMHO it should be addressed,
and if it is expensive (especially but not exclusively server side) it
should be optional in its implementation.


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