> ...
> so-10-0.hsa1.Raleigh1.Level3.net
> so-0-3-0.bbr1.LosAngeles1.Level3.net
> ...
> Note that there is real information encoded in those names.
> The ability to completely list of all the domain names under, for
> example, Level3.net, would give a tremendous amount of information
> about the structure of their network. One could gather the same
> information using thousands of traceroutes, or perhaps by a very
> carefully crafted dictionary attack, but the amount of work involved
> would be orders of magnitude greater.

no, it wouldn't be more work. those names are all trivially discoverable
using PTR lookups of every possible IPv4 address's "inaddr name" given only
a list of level(3) netblocks. no NSEC is needed. NSEC would be harder.

observation: we're just hurling pies, 3-stooges-style, until a survey is made.
can we talk about doing a survey rather than trying to create facts out of air?

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