On 11-Nov-2008, at 10:31 , Todd Snyder wrote:

> That's really weird - my quoted text is missing ...
> Context:
> "b) having some sort of "index" which the slaves pick up and then
> automagically configure their named.conf (the "index" could be records
> in a special DNS zone"

There are a couple of implementations of this floating around, though
I'm not aware of any that have been cleaned up for distribution. I
keep toying with the idea of writing something designed to be portable
between sites, but I don't have much need for it myself at the moment
(I just manage one big zone) so haven't got around to it.

The one that sticks out in my mind the most is Paul's "name server
federations." He talked about it a bit on this list[1] earlier this
year, and could probably be encouraged to go into some more detail.