Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Nov 2008, Kevin Darcy wrote:
>> I was going to mention the "journalprint" utility, but it appears it's
>> been removed :-( Last sighting was 9.3.2 in the bin/tests directory.
>> Anyone know what happened to it? Was it not considered useful enough to
>> maintain?

> I still see it.
> bind-v9_2/bind9/bin/tests/journalprint.c
> bind-v9_3/bind9/bin/tests/journalprint.c
> bind-v9_4/bind9/bin/tests/journalprint.c
> bind-v9_5/bind9/bin/tests/journalprint.c
> bind-HEAD/bind9/bin/tests/journalprint.c
> Do you mean it was removed from some package?

Never mind. Was looking for journalprint not journalprint.c, and I
haven't compiled all of the various versions of BIND on that particular box.

In any case, journalprint is a handy utility for anyone wanting to learn
about how the journalling function works in BIND. We include it in our
"essential" DNS troubleshooting utilities that we install on all
Unix/Linux boxes, along with dig and a few others.

I personally think it should be moved to a "regular" spot in the
distribution -- being under "test" seems to imply that its status is
rather, er, tenuous.

- Kevin