Mark Andrews wrote:
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> han Petersson" writes:
>> I recall someone mentioning the bind has the functionality of loading old
>> revisions of a zone-file when using dynamic updates. Is this correct? If yes
>> how is this done?
>> Thanks
>> /Jonathan

> named loads the master file and the changes that have occured
> since then from a journal of changes. The zone is marked
> as dirty when change is made and a timer is started to tell
> named to write out a new master file incorporating all the
> changes made when the timer goes off. This is done to
> reduce the number of times the master file needs to be
> written when there are lots of changes to the zone.

It's also to facilitate incremental zone transfer is it not?

I was going to mention the "journalprint" utility, but it appears it's
been removed :-( Last sighting was 9.3.2 in the bin/tests directory.
Anyone know what happened to it? Was it not considered useful enough to

- Kevin