Tester wrote:

>Hi there,
>I replicate 2 zones between a W2K3 server and Unix Bind 9 server, each
>zone is primary zone on each of the boxes above. W2K3 has an AD
>integrated zone that gets replicated to Unix and Unix has a Bind 9
>zone that gets replicated to windows. How can I make sure replication
>happens only once a day? I noticed sometimes it is replicating quite
>frequently during the day and I am concerned this might affect the
>windows machine.
>Thank you very much, T

The only replication that will take place, I assume, is if a zone
changes on the master server and needs to be copied to the slave
servers. If you change a zone on the BIND master and do not transfer
the zone to the W2K3 slave server, then clients who use that W2K3
server as their primary DNS resolver will be accessing zone files
that are not up-to-date. And this is not what you want. What is
the frequency of replications (how many per hour)? I assume that most
of the replications will be IXFR (incremental zone transfers) and not
full zone transfers), so the entire zone will not be transferred
every time.
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