I'm fairly new to BIND, but have a pretty good understanding of DNS
and other protocols. I have been trying to make something work for
about a week now and can't figure it out. Is it possible to have a
cache only nameserver forward reverse lookups to a primary server for
those zones?

This is for internal only.

I have an OBSD 4.4 syslog server. i got named running on it locally as
a cache only name server. The syslog messages come in and get logged
with the src IP address of the host sending the message. I want the
fqdn of the device for easier reading. If I put the name/IP in a hosts
file, it shows the name. If I have the server do lookups to the
primary servers, I get a name.

My problem is that if I have it just look up to the primary, it is up
to 50/100 lookups per second to the primary servers. i don't want to
put that load on them.

Anyone have an idea? I've tried putting the zone statements for the
subnets in as forward zones in the named.conf, but that does not seem
to help.

Also, if i try to do an nslookup from the console on the server, i get
a "Got recursion not available from, trying next server" and
then it looks to the primary and works.