Dear bind users!

I have set up ISP bind 9.4.2-39.2 and ICP DHCP 3.0.6-86.1 for a local
network of me.

The dhcpd issues leases to my local machines. Then it updates my DNS-zones

I use a TSIG-key for the authentication between DHCP and BIND, so that only
DHCP is allowed to manipulate my zones.

So far so good. This setup worked for about a week very smooth and without
any problems.

Since a few days I have heavy problems with the resolved of foreign

Often these are not resolved properly and the clients receive "Address not
found" errors, e.g. in their browsers when they try to access some websites.

Having a look in the syslog I am receiving the following error message:

FORMERR resolving '/A/IN':#53


Nov 7 15:23:14 computername named[]: FORMERR resolving

I receive 15 of these messages for each attempt to resolve a single address!
With other words my syslog is full of those messages!

The messages are all the same, except of the IP address at the end.

Having had a closer look to this IPs I realized, that the 15 IPs are the IPs
of my forwarders and of the root-servers found in the root.hint of bind!!

I have tried other forwarders, but with no cure to the problem.

The funny thing is, that when I restart bind (rcnamed restart) for some
minutes everything works like a charm!

But then suddenly: FORMERR, FORMERR, FORMERR!!

What could the cause be for this strange behavior?!

Thanx for every hint and peace of information!!

Best regards

Tom Root