Res wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Nov 2008, Justin Shore wrote:
> rndc trace 9
> Then look in named options directory for
> Short of you telling us the zone you might be on your own.

Our /19 and our /20 are divided up into /24s for rDNS purposes. The
server I'm having trouble with is (slave) and the one that
was working is (master). Now both of my NSs are giving me
SERVFAIL errors. I'm testing against our spam filter by connecting to
tcp/25 from servers in the range, 21 for example. I'm also
doing digs from the NSs themselves and getting the SERVFAILs there too.

Looking at the querylog output I see my PTR queries and it claims that
the view is trusted.

I'll bump up the debugging and see what I get. Thanks