I have a pair of 9.5.1b2 installs in a master/slave arrangement. Each
has 3 views on it: trusted, non-trusted and non-trusted-chaos. Into
both the trusted and non-trusted I include 3 files that contain the zone
config statements for all our zones, our customer zones and our
in-addr.arpa zones. This has worked fairly well except for an annoying
problem that I may ask about later.

I switched the rDNS servers in our ARIN WHOIS records today and they
just took affect. I got an alert from Nagios about 30 minutes ago
saying that SMTP wasn't responding on our spam filter. When I checked
from a different host the spam filter acted fine. When I checked it
from my NOC box, a host that uses the new rDNS servers, it took 15-20
seconds to go through. I started doing rDNS lookups against my servers
and found a problem. rDNS against my master from within the trusted
view works fine. It doesn't work on the slave. I haven't been able to
figure out why. The slave is pulling down the current in-addr.arpa for
that subnet without any problems. It just won't answer queries.

I'm not exactly sure how to troubleshoot this problem. Is there a debug
mode that I can put bind into that might shed some light on why it's not
matching? Reloading the slave shows that it's loading this particular
in-addr.arpa zone for both trusted and non-trusted. Why would it not
answer then?