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> Gilles Massen wrote
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> > That seems to be the issue: has an DLV entry.

> Right! I completely missed it. Thanks.
> > It kind of illustrates that once you've gone the dnssec path, it
> > hard to go back again...

No. It's not hard. You just need to reverse the order of
operations. Remove the DLV / DS then once they have cleared
the caches you can convert the zone to unsigned.

If you have announced trust-anchors then it becomes harder
as you need to find and remove those trust anchors.

This is where signing the root / using dlv becomes so
important as there is only a single trust anchor to manage.
You don't end up with millions of people each with a copy
of your trust anchor.

> It illustrates also that DNSSEC is a very good way of DoSing yourself.
> Probably, Unbound had no problem because it was not configured to use
> DLV.

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