At Wed, 5 Nov 2008 17:57:18 -0700,
Justin Pryzby wrote:

> > Recent versions reserve lower number ports (like < 512) for TCP
> > connections. So it's not strange to see an FD of 626 per se.

> That's the file descriptor number, not the port it's listening on. I
> don't expect there to be anywhere near 512 (or 626) TCP connections at
> any time: there are just 3 machines acting as slaves.

Oops, I meant lower number FDs. And note that the word "reserve".
Whether or not your server has that large number of TCP connections,
named will reserve the FD space from around 20 to around 512 by
default. So, even if the server only uses e.g. 100 UDP sockets (FDs)
in parallel, you could see a file descriptor of 600 or so.

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